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The Downside of Hard Times: Feeling Rejected and Discouraged

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Just the other day, Sharon Cohen of the Associated Press wrote a story of Baby Boomers aged 50+ looking for long-term work.  The article expressed the despair and rejection qualified candidates feel while searching for gainful employment.  It evoked tough memories for me as well, when I was laid off the first time in my career, almost 25 years ago.

Ms. Cohen’s article chronicled the efforts of the job seekers – looking online, scouring the classifieds and even networking groups of other unemployed.  I ran into the same issues – sending 100s of resumes to blind ads, knocking on storefronts with help wanted signs – and like many of my Boomer colleagues, I was told more than once that my knowledge and skills made me “over-qualified” for a position.  The frustration and rejection can be overwhelming.

While these are traditional, classic methods, they are not the way most employers find great employees – the rules have changed and Boomers need to be aware of where to channel their time and energy. (more…)