Your Life As Art

Whitney Ferre believes that each of us in an artist, actively creating art called “life.”  Despite that fact that Whitney is not some who could paint or draw as a trained artist, she opened two Creative Fitness Centers that do just that – show people how to create change in their lives through art.

According to Whitney, natural talent is not the driving factor behind creativity.  Instead, it is the art making that creates the bridge from your logical, analytical left brain to the infinite, intuitive, miracle creating right brain.  Her results have been so exciting that her art classes led to a published book, The Artist Within, and also an online Creatively Fit program.  (

The journey has not been without setbacks.  Amidst opening two art centers, having three children and publishing two books, Whitney also opened and operated two wine bars with a partner.  Unfortunately, the wine bars ended up in the red, which created much self-doubt. Whitney recognized the power of experiencing such kind of failure and refocused her vision on Creatively Fit.  She now coaches and has an entire team of Creatively Fit Coaches across the United States, Africa, Europe and Australia.

For Whitney, there is no greater joy than creating joy in others.  When her clients transform from “I can’t even draw a straight line” to creating their own art, her purpose is proven.  Whitney believes that art making is a portal to your higher, infinitely creative self and there is no greater reward that helping individuals experience this.

To learn more about Whitney’s amazing books, coaching programs, Creatively Fit Centers or to hear her speak, visit or!/profile.php?id=575239571.  Whitney is also hosting a creative cruise, so come amplify your creative spirit!

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