The Queen of Having it All

Andrea Woolf wants you to have it all – the self-proclaimed “Queen of Having It All” discovered her gift of coaching others through challenges at a very young age. While other children played outside, Andrea could be found in her mother’s salon chatting with clients. Eventually, the client would reveal their personal obstacle and commit to specific action steps to resolve it by the time they left.


Andrea applied this talent to a very successful corporate career.  While juggling massive projects in a high-pressure environment, she still found that helping individuals achieve their goals to be the most rewarding.  When she discovered the role of executive coaching, Andrea says it was like “finding the glove that fit me.”


Her clients are fueled by Andrea’s core values of integrity, full self-expression and inspiring magnificence.  She believes that all business is created through powerful and connecting communication, which quickly leads to amazing results and successes.  Andrea is committed to inspiring others to own their personal magnificence by thinking and playing bigger while embracing the huge difference they make in the world.


Andrea certainly walks her talk, too.  A confessed ‘recovering perfectionist’, Andrea discovered many of the tools she coaches others with as she wrote her first book, Ignite Your Life! How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.  The need to write the ‘perfect’ book almost immobilized her, but lucky for us, she overcame her self-doubt and busy mind and voila, the book is now a reality!


Her advice to others?  “The only thing between you and your dreams is YOU!”  How very true – that’s why in order to have it all, you must let go of expectations and doubts and embrace the possibilities.  Learn more about Andrea’s inspiring work and sign up for your free chapter newsletter at


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