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It would be easy to learn Vicki Lickorish’s story and just wonder how she gets out of bed in the morning. But, if you meet Vicki, her enthusiastic and loving attitude would never reveal the challenges and heartbreak she’s faced.  She has rechanneled that energy into being an unstoppable force of encouragement and empowerment in helping others achieve their dreams.

Vicki’s first obstacle occurred upon discovering that her lifelong career goal of joining the police force was not possible due to being “vertically challenged.”  Not long after, she met the love of her life, who didn’t care that she is short, and they began planning a family.  Fate intervened once again.  A miscarriage left her body infertile, and Vicki felt as though not only was she denied her career dreams, now her dreams of a family were dashed, too.

Being the unstoppable woman Vicki is, she and her husband pursued IVF and were ecstatic to learn she was pregnant with quadruplets.  After a very difficult pregnancy, the babies were born but only lived a few hours.  Although heartbroken, Vicki and her husband tried again, and 5 months later were pregnant with twins.  Not long after, Vicki lost one of the twins but the other survived.  On March 19, Vicki and her husband become proud parents of a healthy baby boy.

A year went by before Vicki learned the unthinkable – her husband, best friend and emotional rock was diagnosed with inoperable cancer.  Within a year, she lost her soul mate and at 31 was widowed and a single parent.  To top it off, Vicki underwent a hysterectomy to stabilize her challenged health.  For Vicki, this tremendous time of challenge was an opportunity to recreate her life – a rebirth of sorts. And that’s what she did.

With unconditional love as her guiding star and core value, Vicki studied how our emotions shape and influence our lives.  She works with individuals to help them let go of past events, emotions and beliefs to achieve their goals and dreams.  And if anyone is qualified to do this work, it is certainly Vicki Lickorish!

Her advice to others: “Never plan too far ahead!”  Vicki believes that life is meant to flow and that when we set unrealistic goals, we miss out on the wonderful opportunities along the way.  Vicki’s coaching work empowers people to follow their dreams by letting go of our self-limiting thoughts and negative relationships in our lives.  She won’t promise you an easy path, but she does believe the results are worth the journey! 

For more information, visit Vicki’s site,, or visit her on Facebook: .

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    Thank you for the article. Vicki is one amazingly strong woman!

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