Illuminating the Sacred: Living with Passion and Purpose

Curiosity is a driving force for Rebecca Matias. Her own journey in becoming a successful business coach involved hours of soul-searching, working with life purpose coaches and channeling her passion to help other women succeed.

Living her passion gives Rebecca clarity and purpose to be fully authentic, honest and fair in helping people live up to their highest potential.  Like so many of us, she faced a fair amount of setbacks in establishing her business.  With no budget to spare, she watched YouTube to learn how to set up her own social media and websites – including HTML code.  Even though Rebecca’s business as a speaker and success coach is profitable now and includes assistants and web support, she started with nothing but a vision and her passion.

Oh, and she runs her full-time business in addition to being a stay-at-home mom.  Understanding that her family is a major core value, Rebecca establishes her priorities and adheres to them.  The result?  A feeling of being blessed to live on purpose, serving others in a heart-centered way and actualizing her deepest beliefs so that the zigs and zags produce upsides instead of upheaval.

Rebecca speaks and coaches others on illuminating the sacred within.  She is definitely a Spirited Woman as well as an Upsider (not to mention a fellow redhead!)  Learn more about Rebecca’s work at: and join the Spirited Woman ShareFest on Facebook at:

This eight-part blog series, exclusively for UpsideTheBook, highlights the Every Woman Visionary. Each of these women, along with myself, are featured in the first-ever Spirited Woman 2012 Directory: Resources For An Inspired Life! ( set to launch on 12/12/11. It is an exciting time for women, and the FREE magazine-style digital directory – rich with inspirational stories, resources and more – is our gift to you. Women from six countries and over 25 states participated in the directory.


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