Nancy Mills – An Every Woman Visionary, Changing the World One Spirited Woman Step at a Time

Nancy Mills is a leading women’s visionary known globally as the creator of the Spirited Woman approach to life and the founder of –a worldwide women’s empowerment community.  She is also the publisher of the popular international Spirited Woman Blogger team and the publisher/creator of the first ever Spirited Woman 2012 Directory:  Resources for an inspired life!

Nancy Mills is a force to be reckoned with. Her focus and enthusiasm to empower women globally is hard to resist. Over a decade ago, while travelling on an impromptu trip to Montana, Nancy encountered her destiny. It came in the form of a huge rock in the shape of a woman’s face. Finding out that the rock was called “Spirited Woman,” fate kicked in, and Nancy was propelled to help empower women. Since then, she’s committed herself to helping women reveal their own extraordinary vision. And Nancy’s dreams just keep on happening. Women from around the globe – from six countries and over 25 states – are featured in the first-ever Spirited Woman 2012 Directory: Resources for an Inspired Life! A free informational gift that includes inspirational stories, resources and tips.

Nancy’s journey though has not always been smooth and she has experienced many upsides along the way. Perhaps the most impactful was when she set out to create her first website for Spirited Woman. Understanding the importance of the web as a way to touch women around the world, Nancy entrusted her savings to a web designer. She never saw the designer or her money again. In a panic, she called into a technology radio show and was advised to “blog.” That was in 2006 when blogs were in their infancy. Now, Nancy’s site is one of the leading women sites on the internet. According to Nancy, the web designer who absconded with her savings opened a door and an opportunity – one that led her to tremendous success.

Driving Nancy is a core characteristic of being unstoppable – one that also resonates with the Spirited Woman community. Despite set-backs that range from personal to professional, Nancy believes it is her destiny and mission to do this type of work. Her passion is palpable and her belief that every woman is a visionary, changing the world one Spirited Woman step at a time is driving force. Nancy’s enthusiasm is magnetic and she has attracted a strong team of partners to make this new directory a reality.

What’s next?  Well, Nancy doesn’t like to anticipate the future and would rather focus on emerging possibilities. One such event is creating a worldwide Spirited Woman Empowerment tour in 10 cities around the globe. Knowing Nancy, it will happen!

You are invited to join in the Spirited Woman 12-Day Share Fest….Celebrating the Every Woman Visionary.  Just visit: to join in the fun.

This eight-part blog series, exclusively for UpsideTheBook, highlights the Every Woman Visionary. Each of these women, along with myself, are featured in the first-ever Spirited Woman 2012 Directory: Resources For An Inspired Life! ( set to launch on 12/12/11. It is an exciting time for women, and the FREE magazine-style digital directory – rich with inspirational stories, resources and more – is our gift to you. Women from six countries and over 25 states participated in the directory


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